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Stormy Weather

A bedtime picture book from the creator of the bestselling No Matter What. Warm, affectionate and perfect for sharing.

Bedtime will be eagerly anticipated when reading this wonderful lullaby picture book populated with a rich cast of firm animal favourites, from rabbits and bears to owls, as they all prepare for a safe night’s sleep with a soothing and comforting text that gently addresses bedtime fears as well as allowing lots of sharing and cuddling, this picture book will become a firm family favourite along with hot milk and bedtime kisses.


Reviews for Stormy Weather

 ‘A perfect bedtime story that is as good as her bestseller No Matter What . . . Delightful!’ The Bookseller

‘This year’s most soothing bedtime read . . . matches rich images of baby animals to loving rhymes to induce “sweet dreams beneath our sheltering sky” with the tides and winds recast as a lullaby’ Telegraph

‘This sweet tale will peacefully lull your little one off to sleep with the minimum of fuss’ Junior


Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather


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